About Us

We provide bespoke, and intimate tours through the Highlands of Scotland that primarily focus on one of the most turbulent, and fascinating periods of Scotland's past. The rise and fall of Jacobitism, along with the opening up of the Highlands to tourists, and the beginnings of the Highland Clearances, have created a haunting yet beautiful story to be told amongst the magnificent backdrop of the Scottish Highlands. As Heritage Professionals we provide informed, thoughtful and intriguing tours that go beyond the tartan and shortbread, and provide insight into the cultural and archaeological landscape of Scotland's past. We not only want to show you where events happened, we want to give you insight into how and why they happened, and allow you to be able to read the landscape for yourself, visiting and highlighting aspects not often seen.

All of our tours are led by Dr Michelle Gamble and Ian Hill of Heritage & Archaeological Research Practice, who have been investigating the 18th Century of Scotland through their fieldwork over the last five years. They will not only take you to popular, must see destinations, they will also take you through a landscape that is currently the study of an ongoing archaeological research project as you retrace the steps of the Grand Tours.


    Dr Michelle Gamble has over ten years experience in the heritage sector, starting her career as a field archaeologist in her native Canada, before relocating to the UK to further her studies and digging experience. Since completing her Doctorate in 2011 Michelle has been involved in a variety of archaeological projects both in the UK and abroad. Michelle has been an active member of HARP for the last three years and has ben involved in all of their archaeological projects based in Scotland. Michelle brings a wide variety of archaeological and heritage experience to the tour team, and has an avid love of the Highlands and the 18th Century. Of Scottish descent, Michelle’s interest in Scotland was piqued at a young age and not only does she bring enthusiasm for, and insight into the archaeology of 18th century Scotland to the tour, she is an avowed Outlander fan and is always looking to have a chat about the finer points of the novels. 

    Ian Hill has been working in the heritage sector in Scotland for over ten years, and since completing both his undergraduate and Masters degrees at the University of Edinburgh, Ian has spent most of his time travelling and working throughout Scotland on a multitude of archaeological sites. Since starting Heritage & Archaeological Research Practice in 2011, Ian's principle research focus has been on the 18th Century of Scotland, with particular focus on the archaeological evidence of the incredible social change and upheaval during that time. A native Scot, Ian is in his element discussing the history of Scotland whilst sampling some of the finer whiskies on offer here!